Manually program the Yaesu FTM100DR

I’ve had this radio for a couple of weeks and am working on perfecting programming it through the face place. I used to run mobile with a D-Star radio in the mobile and had an issue last year when I was in North Alabama.  I wanted to add some repeaters into my radio but couldn’t on the fly because I used programming software and did not know how.  So I missed out on being able to talk to folks.  I won a Yaesu 7900R at our hamfest last year and learned to program it through the face plate but forgot.  I just got this FTM100DR at the beginning of the month.  This time, I’m putting the steps to program somewhere I can get to so that I can program it again without having to break out the book every time… These are the steps I’ve captured thus far.  To program a repeater into a memory channel:
Start with the radio powered on.

  1. If in Memory mode momentarily pres V/M to get to VFM mode
  2. Select the desired band. (Band button if needed)
  3. Roll the dial to the desired frequency
  4. Press Setup for at least 1 second
  5. Roll the dial to select signaling
  6. MOmen tardily press setup
  7. Select “SQUELCH TYPE” and momentarily press setup
  8. Roll the dial to the desired squelch type then press back
  9. Roll the dial to TONE SQL FREQ or DCS CODE
  10. Momentarily press Setup
  11. Roll the dial to select the desired tone squelch frequency or DCS code
  12. Press and hold SETUP for at least 1 second.
  13. Press and hold MW for at least one second
  14. Rotate the dial to the desired channel number
  15. Momentarily press the SQL button (under TAG on the display)
  16. Rotate dial to select first character of the tag.
  17. Press the GM key (under Right Arrow on the display)
  18. Repeat step16 and 17 until the tag is complete.  Alphanumeric character type can be changed by selecting the TXPO button (under A/a on the display)
  19. After tagging is complete momentarily press setup
  20. Momentarily press setup again.  The radio will change to Memory Mode on the channel you just saved.

This is mainly for my use but it’s here in a public space for others to use too should they need it…

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